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General information

OBS ERP is a sophisticated, highly customizable business management system, available in multiple languages and designed to require minimal training and support from IT staff. It offers role-based access to essential modules, customizable document templates, and advanced analytical tools, thus providing an integrated view of core business processes.

The system delivers industry-leading performance, features an intuitive user interface, and incorporates innovative modules. These elements empower users to tailor the ERP uniquely, catering to the specific needs of their business operations.


The "Accounting" module in OBS ERP is a next-generation system that combines three important factors for success in any activity – speed, convenience, and functionality.

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Expense Management

OBS Expense Management is a set of modules covering all processes related to company expense management - yearly budgeting, expense requests, expense reports and accounting.

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Human Resources

The "Human Resources" module in OBS ERP is a comprehensive suite designed to streamline HR processes, from time-off management and work schedules to employee information and digital signatures, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity within organizations.

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The "Integrations" module in OBS ERP is designed to enhance system functionality through seamless integration with a variety of services, including GitLab, Google Maps, Microsoft Azure, Twilio, Viber, Evrotrust, and Revolut.

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IT Support

The "IT Support" package in OBS ERP is designed to streamline and enhance the handling of IT-related issues within an organization, offering functionalities for both sending tickets (by clients or employees) and managing these tickets through the IT Support Administration module.

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Project Management

The "Project Management" module in OBS ERP offers a comprehensive solution to oversee various aspects of project execution

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The "Warehouse" module in OBS ERP offers a comprehensive solution for managing warehouse operations, including inventory status, costs, ordering of depleting quantities, and integrated logistic activities.

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